“Help! My Kettlebell Workouts Suck Cause I’m In Pain!”

Yesterday I posted about what I’d do if I were in pain and trying to “get my kettlebell workouts on.”

Today, I thought I’d follow that up just in time for Christmas – because there’s no sense doing the same thing in 2011 that you did this year if what you did this year didn’t work for you. That’s the definition of insanity – doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting a different result.

So, if you’re about to enter 2011 dinged up, banged up, run over, or run down, here’s some ideas to jump start your progress in the New Year (they also make for great stocking stuffers…)

The following is a guide to get you up and running (literally, if you want to…) in 2011:

“Ouch! My Shoulder Hurts!”

Yup, that ol’ familiar “can’t lift my arm over my head” rotator cuff impingement pain. Lovely. So much fun. Been there, done that. Got my first shoulder ding in ’94 on a bench press in Ukraine. Fun. That was the rigth shoulder. Got a serious ding in the left one when I learned how to clean properly. That took a long time to heal up. More fun.

Wish I had “Secrets of the Shoulder” back then.

Wish I knew the following –

  • How to grip for shoulder strength
  • How to use my breath for shoulder strength (and protection)
  • Why my posture was important and how looking like a gorilla wasn’t necessarily a good thing
  • Why I couldn’t put my left arm all the way over my head

If you’re having shoulder issues – “Secrets of the Shoulder” is a great place to start.

“Why’s My Knee Hurt When I Go Up And Down The Stairs?”

Ha! I’ve asked myself that so many times it’s laughable!

How ’bout you?

In my case, I’m missing cartilage that sits under the right patella. My ortho said it literally looks like a pothole. Darn thing bothered me from ’89 to ’09. Twenty years! Holy cow! (Batman…!)

Even after doing a TON of joint mobility work from 2006-2009 I still had some problems. I wish Brett and Gray had put “Secrets of the Hip and Knee” together about 10 years ago – I could have saved myself not only knee pain but undoubtedly both my hip injuries…

I wish I knew in 2000 –

  • What real ankle mobility is and more importantly – how to measure it (“GRRRR… Hulk Smash!” – Funny Iron Tamer story here…)
  • That there is such a thing as “stability” and it is different than “mobility” from a neurological perspective – and how to train it – and of course why it’s important
  • Why my knees were taking a beating even after doing all that JM work (HINT: Stability…)

Short story long, got knee pain? Get rid of it with “Secrets of the Hip and Knee.”

“Man My Low Back Is Stiff When I Get Out Of Bed… Stand Up… Bend Over… Swing…”

Back pain is so much fun. The best is when you hurt yourself in 2002, think you rehab yourself with the latest CNS Trickery, only to find out you’ve probably wasted 4 years of your life, if not 7. And if you had just gone straight to the source you could’ve saved yourself a lot of time, energy, and money. And probably gotten on a podium with a medal. All this is of course, is hypothetical.

I wish in 2002 after tweaking my back on rep #8 of my 405 DL, and then proceeding to 10 reps, knew what I was going to be in for and how I’d gotten there in the first place. I wish I’d had “Secrets of Core Training: The Backside.” Then I would’ve known –

  • What is the ASLR and why it’s important to me – and to my lower back health
  • How to own the “hip-hinge” – how to get there by creating real hip mobility (and stop relying on my “strong” lower back)
  • Learned how to establish static hip stability – yes there’s that differentiation again between stability and mobility
  • How to get my hips and abs to “play nicely” together
  • Why traditional ab exercises, although good for the washboard, do nothing for your low back
  • Why my freakin’ IT Bands were chronically sore
  • What I was doing wrong with my deadlift and how to fix it

If you’re tired of your lower back pain – do yourself a favor (and your loved ones who are probably as tired of hearing about your back pain as you are having it) and grab “Secrets of Core Training: The Backside.” You’ll thank yourself in 30 days or less. (And so will your loved ones.)

Yeah, so I did a ton of things wrong when I first started training. And even after I’d been an exercise professional for years, I still looked for the answers in the wrong places.

I guess the real epiphany was when I went to see my good friend Brett (Jones) last November (2009) because my left hip was STILL bothering me, even after doing an unbelievable amount of specific, focused, precise joint mobilty work. He was good enough to let me spend the night at his place and then spent about 3-4 hours with me the next day taking me through the FMS and giving me correctives.

Long story long – that little trip, as fun as it was, cost me over a grand between travel time and time off from work.

The good news is, the solutions on this page are a minute fraction of that.

What’s your health and quality of life worth to you?

I know for me, it’s priceless.

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  • Paul Parrott Dec 9, 2010 @ 18:53

    Geoff, as it happens, between my wife and I, we have interest in the Hip and Knee issue, Shoulder issue and core stuff. Does any of these guys other books/DVD’s cover all three areas as a whole or is it best to get each one?

  • Russ Moon Dec 9, 2010 @ 21:55


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