Your Health: NOTHING More Valuable

I’ve trained a lot of people over the course of my life.

One thing I’ve noticed is that in our society, there’s a tendency to chase our fortunes at the expense of our health, especially over the first half of our lives.

Then we spend our fortunes trying to regain our health the second half of our lives.

In today’s interview with Dr. Chris Hardy, DO, MPH, we discuss this phenomenon and particularly, the 4 Major Enemies of Our Health.

More importantly, Chris tells you at least one Action Step you can take against each of these enemies Today – as soon as you’re done watching the interview.


I strongly encourage you to get a copy of Chris’s book, Strong Medicine here.

I truly believe it’s the roadmap you need to reclaim your health in a sane and sensible way and protect yourself from all of today’s “hype-y” fear-mongering marketing.

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