“After years of going to the gym, I finally looked like I lifted.” 

- Cutter Uhlhorn, US Navy



Eliminate excuses, destroy distractions, inoculate against
injuries and build your ‘best body’ with the
updated and expanded
AI App Edition.


Strength & Muscle Building

  • Forges upper body pressing strength and explosive lower body power 
  • Builds upper body muscle - Upper back, shoulders, upper chest, arms, forearms by increasing time under tension using 'Variable Density Training' so you’re as strong as you look.
  • No apologies from me for having to buy bigger shirts.

Time Management / Time Efficiency

  • Manages your sets, reps, workout duration, with a built-in training journal for you in as little as 3x20-minute workouts per week.
  • No more fumbling around with pencil and paper.
  • Train anywhere, anytime and track your results.

Semi-Personalized Programming

  • Compete against yourself using “autoregulation.”
  • The basic training parameters are set for you - you decide how much work you can do.
  • The AI tracks it, logs it, and manages all your numbers, showing you where and when you're improving.

Motivation & Consistency

  • Tracks your work in real time at the touch of a button
  • Monitors your technique rep-by-rep, and get real time coaching feedback.
  • Watch your results change from workout to workout, and week-to-week to keep you motivated. 

Automatic Results Tracking

  • The app counts your reps, sets, and total work performed for you.
  • And records each workout so you can see yourself get stronger week-by-week.
  • Makes suggestions for improvement so you get the most out of your training sessions.

Injury Prevention

  • Real-time AI biomechanical tracking shows you where and when your technique breaks down so you can stop your sets before injury occurs. 
  • Enables you to see yourself move and watch your technique as you lift

Technique Instruction Videos

  • Teaches you "optimal" lifting technique in both single and double kettlebell Clean and Press via in-depth, cutting edge technique instruction.
  • Reduces injury potential through proper technique acquisition and application
  • Improves speed of results by reducing joint strain and increasing muscle recruitment and use


  • Train 3x week for 20 to 30 minutes and track your results.
  • If you don’t see progress, the app will tell you and make recommendations accordingly.
  • "Done-for-you" training log keeps you "honest" so you know exactly how much work you've done so you don't overtrain and increase your injury risk.

Real-Time Technique Feedback

  • Watch, assess, and correct your technique through real-time AI biomechanical tracking. 
  • Make immediate changes from watching the biomechanical tracking software in real time or through video review - your choice.

Fat Loss & Conditioning

  • 'Variable Density Training' increases your work capacity, by "tricking" you into doing more work each week, without burning you out like traditional density work.
  • Increases fat loss by increasing the amount of work you do each week - Remember more work performed = more calories burned. 


Your daily sets and reps, logged and graphed for you, so you can Visibly see your progress All In One Place.

Detailed Stats, Insights, Feedback, Even Warnings
So You Can Easily Measure Your Progress

The Cutting Edge, Detailed Exercise Video Tutorials To Optimize Your Performance and Reduce Injury Risk

And Here's A Demo Of How The AI Biomechanical Tracking Software Tracks Your Technique In Real Time

EVERYTHING You Need To Be Successful So You Can
Get Stronger, Grow More Muscle, Burn More Fat,
and Improve Your Conditioning!


Exclusive to the ACF.fit AI Powered App are 5 new 'GIANT' programs. (10 programs in all.)

People have asked me for years how to "expand" or progress on the 2.0 and 3.0 versions.

Plus, 'THE GIANT 4.X' - an experimental program (X) - finally answers the question of how to mix the single and double kettlebell Clean + Press in the same training cycle.  

  •   'THE GIANT 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0' - 20 WEEKS
  •   'THE GIANT 2.1' - 4 WEEKS
  •   'THE GIANT 2.2' - 4 WEEKS
  •   'THE GIANT 3.1' - 4 WEEKS
  •   'THE GIANT 3.2' - 4 WEEKS
  •   'THE GIANT 4.X' - 4 WEEKS


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Available Spring 2024.

As you can see... 'THE GIANT' ACF.Fit AI App has everything you need to finally be successful - or more successful than ever - and reach your kettlebell training goals. 

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