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One of the best things to rob you of your strength is a severe lower GI disturbance. It just zaps you of your strength and energy. Well, I’ve been on the mend from a severe bout of intestinal distress that robbed me of 8lbs, the desire to eat, and valuable vitamins and nutrients. Don’t know what it was from, but I was in the process of healing my gut from a suspected bacterial infection from Heliobacter pylori, which is associated with ulcers among other things (fun!).

The lower GI issues stemmed from one of three things:

  1. A bug that’s been going around
  2. Food allergy (suspect: Protein powders)
  3. Allergy to high potency oregano oil that I’ve been taking for the gut

Anyway, Mike T. Nelson suggested that I get on some probiotics. I used some of Udo’s Choice brand about 5 years ago but didn’t really notice any change. So this time, I used this stuff:

Primal Defense Ultra by Garden of Life - Ultimate high-potency, broad spectrum probiotic formula with HSOs

Garden of Life's "Primal Defense ULTRA"

(Garden of Life is my friend Jordan Rubin’s company. I met Jordan last summer when Pavel invited me down to do a project with Jordan.)

In my limited, but humble opinion, this is the BEST stuff on the market. Even the girl at Whole Foods said so. This is some HIGH powered stuff. I’ve noticed my gut clearing up ASAP and the chronic discomfort is starting to subside. I’m experimenting with the timing of the dosages to see what difference that will make. Jordan recommended a specialized dosage for me so I’m excited to see where the gut health is in 30 days.

Here’s the best part: My strength which has felt to not only dragging, but waning, is starting to come back rapidly. So is the mobility in my hip. This means the pelvis is starting to unlock (apparently, some major pelvis lockdown too…) and my left glute, right hamstring, right adductor, and right quad are all starting to fire in the appropriate patterns.

The body fat is also starting to drop. It’s amazing what can happen when you are able to start absorbing your food! (Remember, it’s not only what you eat, it’s what your body can absorb. If you’ve spent too much time on antibiotics, you most likely need some probiotics to repopulate your gut with the healthy bacteria that help you absorb your food.)

I look forward to where this “probiotic journey” will take me. So far, I’m enjoying the ride.

If you want some extra strength (Who doesn’t?), I STRONGLY suggest you get some Primal Defense ULTRA. You can get it HERE.

If you want to know more about probiotics, here an interesting link => PROBIOTICS.

Admittedly, gut health is not as “sexy” as the latest workout program or DVD, but it’s equally, if not more important for making lasting strength gains.

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