Best Kettlebell Workouts To Get Ready for the Summer…

Best Kettlebell Workouts To Get Ready for the Summer… 

‘It’s THAT time of year again (OH NO!) 😮

We’re approximately 6 weeks away from the official “launch” of Summer – at least in the Northern Hemisphere – Memorial Day Weekend…

Which means, you don’t want to be wearing that “extra winter layer” when it’s time to hit the beach or pool – 

Know what I mean?

The reality is, 6 weeks is still plenty of time to jettison 10… 20… even 30 pounds of extra baggage, depending on how much you have to lose…

… With more focus, some perseverance, and knowing the right actions to take, and when to take them.

In the next series of videos we’re going to cover the 10 “Fat Loss Mistakes” people make when “trying to lose weight” – especially with kettlebells. 

These mistakes not only sabotage them, but virtually guarantee they put that weight they just worked so hard to take off – right back on.

(We don’t want to be one of “those” people, do we now…?)

So, today, we’ll cover –

MISTAKE #1: “Not Having A REAL Plan” 

After 30+ years training folks, I’m still shocked at how many people “wing it” and go “by feel” when it comes to training.

Today it’s “some swings.”

Yesterday it was “some presses.”

And tomorrow? 

“Don’t know yet, have to see how I feel…”

That’s NOT a REAL plan.

That’s “HOPE” disguised as a “plan.

And as one of my mentor’s said long ago:

“Hope is not a course of action.”

Look, I’ve written A LOT over the last 15+ years about using kettlebells to hack off fat.

You can:

[+]  Use a single KB

[+]  Use a pair of KBs

[+]  You can mix and match – single and double

[+]  You can use straight sets

[+]  You can use supersets and circuits

[+]  You can us complexes or chains

The plan you choose should really be based upon:

[1]  Your current abilities – what exercises you CAN and CAN’T do

[2]  Your kettlebells – which ones you have available to you at the moment (including ones you don’t have but can get)

[3]  Your schedule – how much time you can realistically train / work out.

The key, once you have those three guidelines in place, is to…

Do something that CHALLENGES your body to CHANGE. 

(A.k.a. – Burn some fat.)

And more than you’re currently challenging it now. (Especially if you’re not challenging it at all.)

See, that’s the key – CHALLENGE.

That’s Principle #1.

The body is lazy, and sometimes, the mind follows along with it.

So realize this:

To strip off body fat, you need to challenge your body, which by default, will for many be “uncomfortable” because it challenges your mind.

What kind of plan is best for you to strip off body fat, {first_name}?

We’ll discuss that tomorrow when we cover my “General Rule of Thumb” for “fat loss training.” 

… Which will probably surprise you.

Until then…

Stay Strong,


P.S. If you know you haven’t been challenging yourself lately and you know you need to, these programs are tough and will help you strip off body fat:

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Double Kettlebell

Seriously Hard Double Kettlebell

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