Back In Action

Checking my fancy Dick Tracy watch, I see that I haven’t posted in well over 2 months.

Been kinda busy with Kettlebell Secrets. It’s been a blast to put together and I enjoy the work immensely.

Anyway, my training has been anything but formalized.

I was on the Warrior Diet for about 6 weeks to help with my gut issues. It did. A lot. But I also dropped 11lbs of let’s just call it “tissue” because it was a mixture of muscle and fat. And yes, I did get weaker. But that may have been due to the infrequency of or lack of focus on my training.

So now I’m attempting to get up to 240lbs by any means necessary. Primarily by focusing on the big barbell lifts and some big KB lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk (KB). With a once  a week platform session in there.

Some people may wonder why I’m trying to climb so high in weight. 



At that weight, I have proven to myself in the past that I can really maximize my levers/leverage and start getting freaky strong again. My strength doesn’t really go places until I crest 220lbs. In fact, I just look downright skinny at around 210lbs. (Right now I’m back up to 217lbs.).

As far as competing, I hope to again, but the first priority is to eat and train my way up to 240, stay healthy, and then maybe find a meet (still competing in Senior Division, not Master’s…)

Right now, the training protocols are back to my 2 week cycles (Hey, interestingly enough, there’s something similar in Pavel’s new book – which is OUTSTANDING by the way – Return of the Kettlebell.) But I’m specializing on different exercises every two weeks for hypertrophy using some “interesting” protocols, which I may “publish” if they are as I expect. 

So far, after the first week’s intro, and the second week of work (ok, 3 days in), I’m feeling great. Better than I have in a while.

I’ll be posting more frequently now that I think I may have some time.

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