How To Use Kettlebells For RAPID Fat Loss

If you’re using kettlebells right now, then it’s obvious that you’ve bought into the idea that they are a superior fat loss tool.

You may have even tried your hand at using some kettlebell workouts for fat loss and seen some pretty good successes.

But how about rapid fat loss – you know, the kind of fat loss that up until this point you’ve only dreamed about? 

You know the one I’m talking about – it’s the one where you literally see you body transforming right in front of your very eyes each day when you wake up and look in the mirror.

It’s the one that makes your friends and family say, “What have you been doing?!” 

And it’s the one that you’ve quite possibly been chasing for years, if not decades. 

Well in the next couple of minutes, I’m going to reveal to you the secrets to achieving rapid fat loss using your kettlebells.

But first, I want to tell you why this really isn’t a dream and how you can make this dream come true.

That “Little Voice” Inside

Right now you’re probably skeptical yet excited at the possibility that lies ahead of you. 

Did you ever stop to wonder why everyone jumps on the “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” bandwagon? Is it because we’re suckers? Or lazy? 

No. It’s because deep inside our intuition, that “little voice,” is telling us that there is at least in part some truth to those claims.

The truth is, that the whole “lose weight slowly” dogma is just that – dogma. Do you really think that carrying around a bunch of excess fat is healthy or safe for your body? 

Heck no it’s not! 

That’s why there are so many diseases that arise from being overweight. So why not get that fat off as quick as possible as long as you’re not hurting yourself in the process? 

The truth is, you should. I’ve done it and you can too.

Indulge me for a few minutes while I take you on a journey of possibility…

A “Revolutionary” Background… 

I’ve always done things differently from the crowd. It’s just the way I’m made – it’s part of my DNA. So, what I’m about to share with you is probably contrary to everything you’ve ever heard, read, or even learned, depending on your background. (Unless you’ve been following my work for a while, and then you’ll recognize some of it.) And that’s fine. 

But as you read this, keep in mind one thing – the concept of contrarianism. 

Contrarianism is basically doing the opposite of what everyone else does (the “herd”) not for sake of just being different but in recognition that the herd is usually wrong.

Think about it:

All great accomplishments and achievements are usually accomplished by contrarians – Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, are a few names you might recognize.

Which leads us to contrarian fat loss.

You probably know that the “big secret” to losing weight (fat hopefully) is to expend more calories (energy) than you consume.

So why is it that so many try but fail?

What is it that’s “broken” about this formula for fat loss?

My Contrarian Story Of Rapid Fat Loss

When I was 23 I was training for Olympic weightlifting. It was my sport of choice, my passion, my obsession. I was trying to qualify for the National Championships but was stuck between weight classes – the 91kg (200.2) and the 99kg (217.8lbs). I was weighing 209lbs. 

I made a last-minute decision to drop down to 200lbs and try to qualify. To do this I enlisted the help of a chiropractor who specialized in nutrition, who was also helping out some members of the Rutgers Wrestling Team. (I was training some of these guys at the time, hence the connection.)

Not only was his specialty nutrition, but he had just won an NPC Bodybuilding title so he was like me – a  “musclehead.” And therefore he knew how to lose bodyfat without losing muscle, which was my goal.

Long story short, we made some minor changes to my caloric intake and my macronutrients and in the space of a week I had dropped from – get this – 10.1% to 3.3% body fat!

His jaw slammed into the floor when he saw my numbers and my condition!

I had striations and separations like a bodybuilder – without doing bodybuilder workouts!

What Was I Doing That Was So Revolutionary? 

It was simple: Heavy Squats, Presses, and Snatch and Clean variations every day of the week

Of course there were several little “twists” to that, and those, I later learned, was what made all the difference in the world. (I’ll tell you about these “twists” in a little bit…)

And why was it so revolutionary?

Because at the time it was exactly the opposite of what the “experts” were telling people to do to lose fat. (In fact, much of the protocols are still revolutionary today.)

I started applying my methods as I understood them at the time with my personal training clients when I could. They all experienced amazing fat loss results.

But I was only using dumbbells and barbells at the time, which were somewhat limiting because learning the Olympic lifts proficiently enough to apply my workout tweaks isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. (If only I had kettlebells…)

I was working part-time in New York City at one of the top-rated fitness centers at the time, down in the old World Trade Center, in the heart of Wall Street. 

High-powered attorneys and stockbrokers told me I was crazy when they discovered about my fat loss methods. Yet, the proof, was undeniable. It was staring them in the face – literally – every time we talked.

(I “rebounded” up to about 210lbs and was sitting at single digit bodyfat – about 7%.)

They didn’t listen though – they were much too “smart.”

They continued to follow the herd and getting sub-par results at best.

Let me just go ahead and answer the questions that you may have right now:

“You were young and testosterone-soaked, so it was easy for you to make those kinds of changes. Can someone in their late 30s and older make these types of changes?”

Yes. Many of my customers are in their late 30s and beyond and they loved their results. Not only, that, I put myself through the program. 

Here’s what I ended up looking like at age 39, again, weighing 198lbs:

“Originally you used barbells, can this work with kettlebells?”

Absolutely. The picture above was taken after a 4-week kettlebell-driven, rapid fat loss program that used only kettlebells. (You’ll learn more about that in a while.) Not only that but others have achieved similar and better results using the same program.

So that brings us back to the matter at hand:

Undoubtedly you’re currently using kettlebells for a large part of your workout training, so you’re already a “partial contrarian” and not part of the regular fitness herd. 

And you’re already most likely doing Squats, Presses, Cleans, Snatches, and even something I wasn’t – Swings.

So how then do you use kettlebell exercises for rapid fat loss?