Anabolicly Amplified Kettlebell Workouts Are The Closest Thing To A ‘Silver Bullet’ To Relieve Stress, Jump-Start Progress, And Finally Start Seeing Results Again

Here’s what makes these workouts different from all others –


These workouts are short – between 10 and 30 minutes each, depending on your schedule and the program you choose.

Why Are These Workouts So Short?

There Are Three Main Reasons… 

1. Because as the duration of your workout increases, here’s what happens –

  • Your ability to focus decreases as the worries of outside stress creep in… distracting you from your main purpose – stress relief and training to achieve your main goal
  • Your ability to produce force decreases due to increased fatigue… making a less-than-optimal workout and tapping into already tapped-out recovery reserves
  • As your fatigue increases, your technique decreases… making each rep sloppier and sloppier increasing your potential to get injured
  • And your cortisol levels once again increase… decreasing your testosterone and increasing your fat storage in your stomach and lovehandles… (Remember, we want to manage and decrease our cortisol levels)

2. Because by decreasing the length of our workouts we –

  • Increase the likelihood we can actually fit them into our already stress-filled, over-scheduled lives and actually get them done
  • Increase our ability to stay focused long enough to routinely and consistently complete each workout
  • Decrease the guilt we experience when we work out and take time away from our families
  • Increase our ability to recover between workouts and start making progress again by balancing out our stress hormones with our anabolic hormones
  • Provide ourselves more frequent emotional outlets for our stress, and therefore increase our greater sense of overall well-being
  • Decrease the stress we feel about not getting results because now are workouts are so short, we can routinely fit them into our schedules and now start to see and feel those results we’ve been chasing for so long
  • Relieve the stress of having to rationalize to ourselves and justify to our spouses, and our kids why we need to spend time away from them doing workouts that provide no apparent result instead of spending time with them

3. Because the science proves it. 

  • Remember the study we looked at earlier – you can do up to 1/3 less work and achieve the same outcome
  • And from my personal “experiments,” training over 25,000 hours of private clients one-on-one, and my thousands of customers around the world… many times you can do less work and achieve better resultsĀ 

Imagine for a minute how good life will be when you can not only finally fit in your workouts without feeling guilty like your cheating your family, but you can also start seeing your strength increase and feeling your pants start to sag around your waist…

There are two ways you can get started with your Anabolicly Amplified Kettlebell Workouts today.

1. You can design your own.

This of course sounds like a good idea…

Until you realize that you know very little, if anything, about the exact mechanisms of anabolic hormone stimulation through exercise – the sets, reps, rest periods, and exercise selection nor do you have the time, energy, or even the desire to do the research to find these answers.

Not to mention the fact that just thinking about adding one more thing to do to your already mile-long list increases your stress levels and gets your stomach tightening and your hand reaching for the heartburn relief medication…

Or –

2. You can get “Done For You” Workouts.

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