A Day “Late” – Reflections on Expectations…

So today is Thursday, April 13th, 2011. It’s a significant day for me. Or rather I should say “us” – for my wife and I.

It’s one day past the “due date” of the birth of our first child – our son.

Funny, how things don’t always go according to plan.

And yet, when our expectations are not met, usually we are very surprised, sometimes shocked to the point where we either do something drastic or do nothing at all.

The reality about our baby boy’s birth is that he’ll come out when he’s ready, not when the OB says he will. I’d like to think of the due date more along the lines of the “due window” – a time period around which he is expected to arrive. In fact, according to the statistics given to us at our birthing class, the average gestation period for caucasian babies is 41 weeks, 3 days – not the traditional 40 weeks. This of course means he really isn’t “late” yet.

I got to thinking about working out – and how we view our results.

Just like our son is fundamentally the “effect” of a “cause” (and a very nice one at that), our workouts follow the same path. Our results are the ‘birth” of the sum total of our causes. For example, do a lot of Snatches, breathe hard, get stronger in Snatches, and create a negative caloric balance and 9 time out of 10, lose some fat. Simple, right?

Yeah, right.

Then why do we tend to make this stuff more complicated than it needs to be? Does “complicated” equal “value?”

I guess it depends on who you ask and when you ask them.

Complicated usually means more moving parts. And the more moving parts something has, the more potential for something to break, and the harder it is to fix.

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Example 1: Build A Bigger Press.

At the fundamental level, you’re Press could be stuck because you don’t Press enough.

Or your technique is off. Maybe you don’t know how to Press with your lat.

Start there. Those two tips, if they’re the right tips, will go a long way to improving your Press, believe it or not.

Sometimes, it’s not that simple. Sometimes more is needed. [More] Diagnostics are in order. Maybe you have sucky thoracic mobility. Maybe your abs don’t work properly and that’s keeping you from pressing heavy. In this case, something like the CK-FMS would be in order. Get checked out – discover what’s holding you back.

Remember, “simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Example 2: Losing Weight.

Losing weight is exactly the same.

How many diets are there on the market these days? I’m on all the “diet gurus” lists and there seems like a new diet or twist on a diet that’s being released at least once per quarter. And yeah, some of them are pretty good too.

But really, if you’re overweight or even need to lose a few pounds, you know what to do.

Really, I promise you – you do.

It’s quite simple – do the opposite of what you’re currently doing. So, if you’re currently overweight or “”need to lose a few pounds” – start simple. You got that way through eating. So what’s the opposite?

You will be shocked when I tell you this –

Don’t Eat.


And my buddy Brad actually put out a book telling all about “not eating” and how to “not eat”. And I bought it. And yes, it’ll blow your mind with his common sense approach to “not eating.” In fact, since I’ve been incorporating Brad’s approach to “not eating” I’ve hit some of my best numbers in 15 years.


Want to lose some weight fast?

Don’t eat.

Brad’s book on “not eating” is without a doubt the simplest (but not simpler) approach that I’ve seen and used personally in a long, long time. When you use the “highly uncomplicated” methods Brad show you, you can probably lose 1-2 pounds per week basically effortlessly.


The weight will just come off. So you determine the cause (not eating), and the effects (losing weight) will just “show up” when they’re ready, just like my boy.

(I’ll keep you posted on his arrival.)

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  • Ron Apr 14, 2011 @ 16:15

    Geoff, My wife and I started Eat Stop Eat after reading your recommendation in a previous post. We’re finishing our fifth week of ESE now. Everything you said is true, it so simple and it works. No eating plans, no supplements, and most important no day to day disruption. We just don’t eat twice a week and the weight AND INCHES comes off, all while preserving strength. Last week I was able to increase my weights on the GS, TGUSU and C&P all while losing fat and inches. We both have a ways to go but we know our fat loss goals are achievable and more important maintainable over the long haul. Thank you for discussing Brad’s excellent program in your blog.

  • Anthony Apr 14, 2011 @ 19:07

    Congratulations on the coming birth. My best wishes to you both for what must be a very exciting time.

    I have thought about simplicity in regards to training. My conclusion, if it is not simple, it is wrong.

    In the past, humans have achieved far superior results in mass with a far poorer diet than what we have available. They just needed to have to do certain things and they had the example of others around them.

    I came across a quote someplace, maybe from you Geoff, which I like very much and believe is completely accurate.

    “What the mind believe the body achieves.”

  • tony petiprin Apr 15, 2011 @ 8:01

    I have been using ESE since July2010 and have not missed a week w/o fasting one time. It is a way of life for me now and I love it. I have lost the weight I wanted and got much stronger by having incorporated KB 2.0 and now your monthly program workouts into my plan. That’s simple.

    I wish the family well. Good luck.


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