5 Things Training College Athletes taught me about getting STRONG & LEAN w/kettlebells, Part 4

5 Things Training College Athletes taught me about getting STRONG & LEAN w/kettlebells, Part 4

Do you know one of the things that enables high school athletes to become college athletes?

Sure, they’re strong. They’re powerful. They have good conditioning.

And of course, they’re mentally tough.

But more than that –

They have great technical prowess.

They know how to shoot the ball.

How to block, spike, tackle.

How to throw, and take their opponent down – with multiple attacks.

But in the kettlebell world?


“We don’t need no stinkin’ technique!”

We just “chase the reps.”

“Geoff, how many reps should I be doing – how many are good?”

… I often get asked.

“I don’t know for sure…” 

I tell them.

“It depends on your training background and your technique.”

Sure, learning how to use your kettlebells correctly takes some time, but it doesn’t mean you can’t “get a good workout” in the process.

Quite the contrary.

When I used to run my live Kettlebell STRONG! Workshops, the participants rarely ever did more than 2 reps at a time, but they were always sweating more and out of breath more than they expected.


Because when you use proper technique, you align your structure – your bones and joints – in such a way to recruit more muscle fibers, not less.

And sure, doing so makes you “instantly” stronger – getting more reps per set, using heavier kettlebells almost immediately…

But, it also requires a lot more energy, because you’re using more muscle fibers.

Makes sense right?

You’re literally doing more work.

And more work equals more and faster results. (Usually.)

And again, that takes (more) energy.

Until your body gets used to using its muscles in the new way.

So if you want to see faster results?

Find out what optimum / great technique is and then apply what you’ve learned in the previous emails to your practice:

1- Train relatively heavy – Low reps, higher load

2- Lift Explosively

3- Manage / Mitigate Fatigue

In fact, I was recently on a Zoom call with a gentleman from Italy, and we were reviewing his Press technique. Within about 25 minutes, he took his old 1RM Double KB Press and turned it into a 3RM.

That’s what having the correct technique can do for you.

If you want to learn optimum kettlebell technique, I’ll leave two links in the description below – one for single kettlebell technique, and the other for double kettlebell technique.  

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