4 Components of a “Good” Kettlebell Workout Plan

4 Components of a “Good” Kettlebell Workout Plan

Solid workout plan that keeps progressing…? 

(AND finding the time to do it?)

A lot of folks using KBs get “stuck” on the same workout plan and fail to make the progress they want.

One of the reasons is that they have a hard time finding the time. 

60 minute workouts are few and far between with staying late at work…

After school kids’ activities…

Kids’ sports/games on the weekends…

For many of us, there hardly seems to be any time for ourselves.

One week, you get 3 workouts in… The next – two.

The week after that – only one.

Or maybe…

One day, you “suddenly” wake up and it’s been 3 weeks… 3 months… even a full year or more since you’ve worked out routinely.

I’ve found it super helpful to change my expectations about what a “good workout” is.

At the bare bones basics, a “good workout”…

1️⃣  Gets done.

2️⃣  Is short enough to not take time away from my family.

3️⃣  Has “enough” of the “right” things in it to keep me measuring progress – somewhere

And did I mention this already?

It –


For many of us, shorter – MUCH shorter, high frequency workouts are just what the doctor ordered. 

If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us can find 15 to 20 minutes to workout.

Sure, it may not be “ideal” – the “Go Hard or Go Home” Arnold-esque marathon workouts of our youth, but remember, at this point, “ideal” = “DONE.”

I’ve found the simplest method for “IT GETS DONE” is to focus on “CONSISTENCY” rather than intensity – or effort/output level.

Showing up, doing the work, and “punching the clock” – following that process – is a guarantee for seeing results…

✅  Watching your numbers increase

✅  Seeing your waist and body fat decrease

So, that’s one reason and the first part of the plan.

The second reason?

Actually having a plan that’s PROGRESSIVE.

One that challenges you.

One that has some variety and isn’t boring.

Not everyone can spend the rest of their lives doing the same one or two exercises, which is OK.

Examples of “Progression” and “Variety”:

▶️  Goblet Squat → Single KB Squat → Double KB Front Squat

▶️  2H Swing → 1 Hand Swing

▶️  Single KB → Double KB

▶️  Military Press → Bottoms Up Press → Double KB M. Press

▶️  Clean + Press → Clean + Push Press → Clean + Jerk (Single → Double)

And so on.

If you’re looking for a KB training plan that’s progressive, has variety, and builds your “consistency muscle” while practically guaranteeing you see and feel measurable results…

This one will take you through all 5 levels of kettlebell training – including some simple bodyweight exercises – so your mind and body never get bored.

Check it out here:

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