3 Ways to Move Up a Kettlebell Size In The Kettlebell Snatch

How Can You Move Up a Kettlebell Size In The Kettlebell Snatch?


It’s mid-March as I’m writing this. That means the first quarter is almost over.

If you’re behind in your goals using the kettlebell snatch can catch you up if you do it right.

Assuming, of course, you know how to snatch correctly, here are three ways that will help you move up a kettlebell size.

[1] Perform heavy swings, either two-hand, one-hand, or even double swings.

These will build your hips and strengthen your hip drive, which in turn makes your snatch size kettlebell feel lighter.

[2] Incorporate heavy double kettlebell front squats or any kettlebell front squats.

In Olympic lifting. We use the squat to drive up the list once we’ve mastered the technique. Why? As you improve your maximum strength, you increase your ability to produce more power, and the snatch is a power exercise.

[3] Snatch more. I know this is a novel idea but many kettlebell users overemphasize the swing.

And yes look, I know I just said perform heavy swings, but this is if you’ve already been doing a ton of swings.

Nothing like practicing good old Synaptic Facilitation. Higher frequency lower fatigue training to get stronger.

Remember, strength is a skill.

Snatching at a higher frequency not only increases and strengthens neural pathways in your brain making your snatch group feel easier, but it also boosts your confidence too, which drives you to want to snatch a heavier kettlebell.

Give one or more of these a shot and let me know how they work for you.

Be strong, my friend.


P.S. If you choose option number three, which snatch program should you use?

A lot of folks report great results in the built for you King-Sized Killer program.

Let me know how it works for you and remember to send me your results. 🙂

Talk to you soon.