3 Kettlebell Workout Ideas to Finish 2023 STRONG…

3 Kettlebell Workout Ideas to Finish 2023 STRONG…

I recently got home from picking up my son from school. 

While waiting, I was talking to one of the other dads.

We both agreed, this quarter, this year, feels kinda… different.

Almost more intense than recent Q4s…

There seems to be more… Urgency about it.

Maybe it’s all the global political turmoil.

Maybe it’s whatever is going on locally in your neck of the woods.

And maybe it’s just us and our neck of the woods.

It feels like there’s just more to do than normal.

Or perhaps less time to do it? 

Almost like time is speeding up?

Hard to put my finger on it, but one thing’s for sure:

If training is not your priority, I could see how it would be easy to miss a day here, miss a day there, and before you know it, it’s Christmas and you’ve missed a few to 6 to 8 weeks of training.

The key to keeping your training from getting away from you like a snake covered in baby oil during times like these is to ask yourself:

“What’s the MINIMUM time I’m willing to commit to training?”

There is no “right” answer – only what works for you and your family this time of year.

This is where minimalism shines.

My favorite template during “busy / urgent times” like this?

20 minutes, 3x a week of a “Big Bang For Your Buck” KB exercise.


[+]  Clean + Press – Single or Double (Obviously!)

[+]  Clean + Push Press – Single or Double

[+]  Clean + Jerk – Single or Double

[+]  Snatch

[+]  Swing – all kinds

[+]  The Get Up (yes, I said it…)

[+]  Front Squats 

It’s amazing how much high quality work you can get done in a short period of time. 

My recommendation on how to do this? 

Here are 3 Options:

[1]  Pick one exercise, do it 3x week.

This is probably the most effective from an “unplug your brain” perspective. 

You’ll get really good at that exercise and can monitor your progress every training session.

[2]  Pick two exercises, and alternate your training session between them.

Will give you some more variety if you feel like you need it.

[3]  Pick 3 exercises and do one each training day of the week.

Will give you the most variety, but you’ll only be practicing your lifts one day a week. Remember, strength is a skill.

While this approach may not be “the best,” it most certainly can be “optimal,” depending on what you’ve got going on at the moment. Especially when you realize that “optimal” is dependent on the season you find yourself in.

And if you don’t know how to or don’t have the energy and/or mental bandwidth to program or plan those training sessions? 

No problem. 

Simply grab one of these 3 “Designed For You” programs below.

[+]  For the Snatch


[+]  For the Clean and Press/Push Press/Jerk


[+]  For the Swing


And just follow what’s written – no emotional capital expenditure necessary. 

Literally “plug and play.”

Remember, “optimal” is relative to you and what you’ve got going on, especially if you’re finding this time of year more busy or more stressed than usual.

Stay Strong,


P.S. Speaking of minimalist programming…

In case you missed it, here’s the “double top secret” backdoor link explaining a new program release that in my opinion, solves the problem of the lack of variety that’s associated with minimalism. 


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