Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.


Get A Crisper, Stronger, More Explosive Kettlebell Swing With These Bodyweight Exercises

by GEOFFN December 14, 2011 kettlebell exercises

I’ve got a little secret to let you in on. My Swing, the Center of the Kettlebell Universe – always felt a little out of orbit, so-to-speak. It just never really felt right. Not until recently. It always just felt a little bit – well, “off.” Like I just couldn’t get that final hip lockout […]

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The ONE Thing…

by GEOFFN January 7, 2011 kettlebell

The first week of the new year is almost over. For some, the exuberance and promise of potential change is wearing off as they face the mundane routines of daily life. Bummer. Here’s the ONE thing you can do and it’s the ONLY thing you need to do in order to achieve your goals – […]

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What Is The “Kettlebell Sandwich?”

by GEOFFN September 9, 2010 Kettlebells

When I was a kid, and even well into college, I lived off sandwiches. My favorite as a child was Oscar Meyer salami, Velveeta cheese, and Kosciusco mustard (if that’s how it’s even spelled – it’s been so long). Man, I could eat tons of them! In fact, there was awhile when I was a […]

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Real v. Self-Imposed Limitations

by GEOFFN September 7, 2010 Philosophy

Have you ever wondered what your true limitations are? Have you ever wanted to really find them? I don’t suggest you do, but if you want to, compete in a sport. It’ll tell you a lot about what you think you can do, versus what you actually can do, and then you’ll have a map […]

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“I’m Finished!”

by GEOFFN September 3, 2010 Kettlebells

At least that’s how you may feel after these types of training sessions. 5 Ways To Successfully Mix Kettlebells And Barbells – Part 3. 3. Finishers What is a “finisher?” It’s something you do at the end of your workout/training for a variety of reasons, such as metabolic conditioning, mental toughness, fat loss, general conditioning, […]

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