Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.


Rethinking “Fitness” – Industry Trends and Loading Parameters

by GEOFFN February 22, 2011 Philosophy

Rethinking “Fitness” I got to spend this past weekend in Alexandria, VA where I was invited to present at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute – an annual convention geared toward presenting the latest, greatest fitness/health/strength & conditioning ideas to personal trainers interested in becoming more highly skilled professionals. On Friday, I presented for 3 hours […]

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On Kettlebell Workouts And Pain…

by GEOFFN December 8, 2010 Kettlebells

A buddy of mine sent me an email the other day and asked me how I coped with pain and still manage to do my  kettlebell workouts. He’s had some serious setbacks since September and was feeling discouraged. So I thought I’d write a little bit about it today. It’s funny – because I honestly […]

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What Is The “Kettlebell Sandwich?”

by GEOFFN September 9, 2010 Kettlebells

When I was a kid, and even well into college, I lived off sandwiches. My favorite as a child was Oscar Meyer salami, Velveeta cheese, and Kosciusco mustard (if that’s how it’s even spelled – it’s been so long). Man, I could eat tons of them! In fact, there was awhile when I was a […]

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Real v. Self-Imposed Limitations

by GEOFFN September 7, 2010 Philosophy

Have you ever wondered what your true limitations are? Have you ever wanted to really find them? I don’t suggest you do, but if you want to, compete in a sport. It’ll tell you a lot about what you think you can do, versus what you actually can do, and then you’ll have a map […]

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Again?? A Quick Training Update…

by GEOFFN September 2, 2010 Strength

Yup, I’m at it again. I’m back training for Oly. (And hypertrophy…) I have unfinished business. And business is good. Right now, if I had to enter a meet tomorrow, I could easily Snatch 120kg and Jerk 150kg. (Easily Power Cleaned 130kg for a double. Nothing to write home about, but it’s been a couple […]

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