Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

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The Best Spinal Stability Exercise For The Kettlebell Swing

by GEOFFN February 10, 2012 kettlebell workouts

In my last post we saw that there were two reasons for back pain when performing Kettlebell Swings, according to Dr. McGill’s study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. They were: Poor technique, which we addressed with the video in the last post, and Actual lower back instability, which we’ll address in this […]

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“Help! My Kettlebell Workouts Suck Cause I’m In Pain!”

by GEOFFN December 9, 2010 Kettlebells

Yesterday I posted about what I’d do if I were in pain and trying to “get my kettlebell workouts on.” Today, I thought I’d follow that up just in time for Christmas – because there’s no sense doing the same thing in 2011 that you did this year if what you did this year didn’t […]

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Beating A Dead Horse? Core Stability, Part 1 – Core Instability: A Personal History

by GEOFFN April 1, 2010 Movement

There has been TONS of information written on the concept of “core stability” over the last 15-20 years. Between that and creatine, I’d argue that these are the most “covered” topics. So why am I writing about it? Because after 12 years, I’ve finally got it again. How the freak has it taken me 12 […]

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