Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.


Your Health: NOTHING More Valuable

by GEOFFN July 28, 2015 Strength

I’ve trained a lot of people over the course of my life. One thing I’ve noticed is that in our society, there’s a tendency to chase our fortunes at the expense of our health, especially over the first half of our lives. Then we spend our fortunes trying to regain our health the second half of […]

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Why Stretching Is Bad For You And Other Controversial Allegations…

by GEOFFN February 7, 2013 Strength

It’s no secret – I HATE stretching. For 99% of the population, I think it’s worthless. Now before you go nuts and toss rotten tomatoes at me through your computer screen or put up a FB post about how insane I am – here’s who the other 1% are: People who need extreme ranges of […]

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5 Strategies To Make 2012 Your Strongest Year Ever!

by GEOFFN January 4, 2012 Strength

Let’s face it, for some of us, 2011 was not our best year. If you read the news it looks like it wasn’t the best year for many people by a long shot. 2011 was a great year for me primarily because of the joy we experienced from the birth of our first child – […]

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How to get “Un-stalled,” “Un-stuck,” and get stronger once again

by GEOFFN August 11, 2011 Strength

Yesterday I was at Peter Lakatos’ house here in Hungary, just outside Budapest in a town who’s name I can’t spell, let alone pronounce. He showed us his “garage” which is in quotes, because that’s what he told us it was supposed to be. Instead, there was no garage door, but a window, and a […]

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Workouts From The Road – Strategies For Getting Strong While Traveling That You Can Use At Home

by GEOFFN August 10, 2011 Strength

So I’m in Hungary between RKC level 1 and RKC level 2, which starts on Friday. My hotel room at the Bohem Art Hotel on the Pest side of the Danube in Budapest is very nice, but pretty small. I’m off my “structured” diet but still eating roughly the same amount of calories – maybe […]

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