Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.


Reconsidering Strength

by GEOFFN May 17, 2011 Philosophy

What is Strength? I’ve considered it many times before, and I still like “my” definition – The ability to overcome. With regards to physical strength, who is strong? That’s obviously relative to the goals of the individual. How about a Powerlifter who can squat 1000+ lbs? Very strong. If he can’t do a 1-arm Chin-up, […]

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The #1 Thing I Can Do Right Now To Help You Out

by GEOFFN February 24, 2011 Philosophy

Every once in awhile, you have a day that really stands out. Something major happens and it really influences your thinking, your actions, and, well – you. Yesterday was one of those days for me. You might be able to relate. Here’s what happened. I had 3 very important conversations – and the last one […]

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Rethinking “Fitness” – Industry Trends and Loading Parameters

by GEOFFN February 22, 2011 Philosophy

Rethinking “Fitness” I got to spend this past weekend in Alexandria, VA where I was invited to present at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute – an annual convention geared toward presenting the latest, greatest fitness/health/strength & conditioning ideas to personal trainers interested in becoming more highly skilled professionals. On Friday, I presented for 3 hours […]

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7 Things I “Learned” On Vacation

by GEOFFN January 18, 2011 Philosophy

1. Nature is a good relaxer. Some people like the mountains. Some people like the beach. I fall into the second category. We went to the Turks & Caicos – a group of islands in the Caribbean for our last vacation without kids. I splurged and got the ocean view room. What a great decision! […]

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The ONE Thing…

by GEOFFN January 7, 2011 kettlebell

The first week of the new year is almost over. For some, the exuberance and promise of potential change is wearing off as they face the mundane routines of daily life. Bummer. Here’s the ONE thing you can do and it’s the ONLY thing you need to do in order to achieve your goals – […]

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