Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.


Win Yourself A Copy Of “Kettlebell STRONG!”

by GEOFFN December 13, 2012 Kettlebells

Kettlebell STRONG! is THE definitive guide to safely and effectively learning the 9 essential double kettlebell lifts. – Double Swing – Double Snatch – Double Press – Double Clean – Double Front Squat – Double Push Press – Double High Pull – Double Jerk – Double Clean & Jerk And I’m giving away THREE copies […]

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A Kettlebell Metamorphosis, Part 2

by GEOFFN June 14, 2012 Kettlebells

Yesterday we started an interview with Kettlebell Secrets member, Sara Shafer, who has used strength training and kettlebells to transform her life. And when I say “transform” I really, truly mean TRANSFORM. In Part 1, Sara gave us a brief glimpse into some of her battles and what she’s overcome. It’s truly inspiring. So if […]

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A Kettlebell Metamorphosis, Part 1

by GEOFFN June 13, 2012 Kettlebells

Every so often, I get some really interesting emails from my customers. I recently got one from an equally interesting woman, Sara Shafer. Sara has totally transformed her life through strength training and with kettlebells. In fact, she went on to compete in Kettlebell Sport using some ideas that run against conventional wisdom. Her story […]

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Common Kettlebell Fat Loss Mistakes And How To Fix Them

by GEOFFN October 10, 2011 Kettlebells

I spent the last weekend in beautiful San Diego – specifically in La Jolla at Revolution Fitness with my good friends Franz and Yoana Snideman. Saturday I taught an RKC Recert which went very well. The RKCs really liked the updated and streamlined teaching progressions. Sunday, I taught a Kettlebell Muscle workshop. Everyone there set […]

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The Top 3 Kettlebell Training Mistakes

by GEOFFN August 18, 2011 Kettlebells

I just got back from teaching the RKC and RKC2 in Hungary. And it was a blast! First, I love Hungary – great food, great people, beautiful country. Second, the people who attended the RKCs – both of them, are SERIOUS about kettlebell training. It was one of my best and most memorable RKC experiences […]

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