Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

February 2013

My Favorite Bodyweight Fat Burning Exercise

by GEOFFN February 28, 2013 kettlebell workouts

There are A LOT of great exercises that you can use to shave off that extra ring of blubber from around your midsection. Apart from ye olde kettlebellz, one of the time-tested methods for lopping off the flab quickly is good ol’ fashioned bodyweight training. There are literally 1000s of exercises you can use. One […]

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The “Best” Ab Exercise To Do With Your Kettlebell Workouts

by GEOFFN February 27, 2013 kettlebell workouts

One thing we rarely talk about in the kettlebell world is this: If you want to be successful using kettlebells – if you want to maximize your results, you’ll need to do some direct abdominal work. There’s no way around it. There are so many exercises to do, where do you start? Start with this […]

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Why Stretching Is Bad For You And Other Controversial Allegations…

by GEOFFN February 7, 2013 Strength

It’s no secret – I HATE stretching. For 99% of the population, I think it’s worthless. Now before you go nuts and toss rotten tomatoes at me through your computer screen or put up a FB post about how insane I am – here’s who the other 1% are: People who need extreme ranges of […]

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