Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

June 2012

How To Eliminate Soreness/Stiffness In Your Lower/Upper Back

by GEOFFN June 26, 2012 Movement

Many of us struggle with tightness, stiffness, and soreness in both the lower and upper back. Most of that is due to the fact we spend almost 8 hours a day sitting on our butts in front of computers, at desks, or some other weirdly hunched position with not enough movement. After struggling with hip […]

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Adding “Health” To Your Kettlebell Workouts

by GEOFFN June 19, 2012 kettlebell workouts

Ever since I found out my wife was pregnant back in August of 2010, I’ve been slowly making changes in my life toward “health” and away from what I thought of as “fit.” That started with retiring from training for Olympic Weightlifting and all the dreams associated with that. Then I virtually eliminated all supplements […]

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A Kettlebell Metamorphosis, Part 2

by GEOFFN June 14, 2012 Kettlebells

Yesterday we started an interview with Kettlebell Secrets member, Sara Shafer, who has used strength training and kettlebells to transform her life. And when I say “transform” I really, truly mean TRANSFORM. In Part 1, Sara gave us a brief glimpse into some of her battles and what she’s overcome. It’s truly inspiring. So if […]

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A Kettlebell Metamorphosis, Part 1

by GEOFFN June 13, 2012 Kettlebells

Every so often, I get some really interesting emails from my customers. I recently got one from an equally interesting woman, Sara Shafer. Sara has totally transformed her life through strength training and with kettlebells. In fact, she went on to compete in Kettlebell Sport using some ideas that run against conventional wisdom. Her story […]

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