Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

March 2011

“What Program Should I Do Next?” – The Real Answer.

by GEOFFN March 31, 2011 kettlebell

3 Simple Steps To Help You Decide Which Direction To Take I often get asked that question and it’s one of the most common questions I see on the kettlebell forums. Let me help you out by putting this in perspective by sharing with you EXACTLY what I am trying to accomplish with my training, […]

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How To Keep Going With Your Kettlebell Workouts When Life Overwhelms You

by GEOFFN March 29, 2011 kettlebell workouts

I’ve got to admit something here – normally, I think I’ve got my stuff together. I know where I’m going, the direction I’m heading, my goals, what I want to achieve, etc. But lately, I’m a little overwhelmed. This time in life is supposed to be joyous – the expectation of your first child. Hooray! […]

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My “Perfect” Workouts

by GEOFFN March 23, 2011 kettlebell workouts

I’ll admit it. I’m always on a quest for the “perfect workout.” I know it doesn’t really exist, and that it’s actually relative to each individual and his or her goals. Since I gave up Olympic lifting last year, I’ve been kind of lost. Sure, I do have some goals – Press 300lbs overhead and […]

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The REAL Kettlebell Workouts Strength Cycle – The Details

by GEOFFN March 21, 2011 kettlebell workouts

Let me just clear the air here – if I had to do Swings and Get Ups for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t. Although it is chic to do “just” those two exercises, there are so many more exercises you can do and should do. Yes, the Swing and the Get Up form […]

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Kettlebell Workouts – The Proper Sequencing For Maximum Results?

by GEOFFN March 16, 2011 kettlebell workouts

Unfortunately, due to our current state of sitting on our butts all day long, we cannot or even should not, as much as we’d like to, just grab our kettlebell and start swinging. That’s a ticket to Injuryville. Of course, being informed by so many RKCs, you probably know that. Your workouts probably have some […]

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