Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

September 2010

Kettlebells and the “C” Word

by GEOFFN September 30, 2010 Kettlebells

I don’t think it can be any “easier” really. Can it? You have this cast iron ball with a handle and you hoist it, swing it, lift it, squat it, and put it down. Then you repeat what you just did. Again. This brings up that “C – Word” – Commitment. Yup, I said it. […]

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More Than Kettlebells, Workouts, Fat Loss, And Strength – The Pavel / Dan John Workshop

by GEOFFN September 28, 2010 Philosophy

It’s been a quick/long 2 weeks traveling back and forth to Philly 2 weekends in a row. Just got back 1am Monday morning from the Pavel / Dan John RKC workshop. It was great. These two men just have such a passion for what they do. This was a 3 day workshop, but honestly, I […]

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How To Get Outside Your Comfort Zone – And Succeed!

by GEOFFN September 24, 2010 Kettlebells

I just got back from the RKC in Philly at 1am Monday morning. It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday morning and we’re gearing up for the Pavel/Dan John workshop. I know it’s a little delayed, but a big hearty “Congratulations!” to all the newly minted RKCs and a shout out to my Team – […]

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5 Ways To Successfully Mix Kettlebells And Barbells – Part 5

by GEOFFN September 15, 2010 Kettlebells

5. Block Training. If you ever watch toddlers play, they’re constantly creating and destroying, creating and destroying. (Yeah, I know, more the boys than the girls…) One of the things they love to do is take those little blocks that have numbers and letters painted on them and stack them as high as they can […]

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What Is The “Kettlebell Sandwich?”

by GEOFFN September 9, 2010 Kettlebells

When I was a kid, and even well into college, I lived off sandwiches. My favorite as a child was Oscar Meyer salami, Velveeta cheese, and Kosciusco mustard (if that’s how it’s even spelled – it’s been so long). Man, I could eat tons of them! In fact, there was awhile when I was a […]

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