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June 2010

Little things…

by GEOFFN June 29, 2010 Philosophy

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” it’s been said. But what if the “devil’s in the details?” Little things make a BIG difference. Here’s one for example – weight distribution in the feet when pulling or squatting. Here’s another – head and eye position when pressing overhead. And another – the idea of “neutral spine” – […]

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Your Questions Answered…

by GEOFFN June 25, 2010 Kettlebells

Ok, I’ve been meaning to do this forever, but I wanted to give you a chance to ask me any training questions you have. I’ll do it every Friday, unless I’m on vacation or working. (I give you that caveat up front because I’ve got some RKCs and seminars coming up… The best place to […]

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European Kettlebell Tour, Part 2 – Paris

by GEOFFN June 23, 2010 Philosophy

Wow – can’t believe I’ve been back home almost 2 weeks already! One thing’s for sure – it was a great trip to Europe. So, Part 2… We flew to Paris on Monday, the 31st. We took a late flight cause I thought we’d be cooked from the RKC. I was pretty close to right. […]

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“Kettlebell Muscle” Call Replay

by GEOFFN June 14, 2010 Kettlebells

I had a lot of emails from people who missed the call last Thursday about Kettlebell Muscle. My good buddy Dave Whitley, Master RKC, did a great job grilling me about the contents of the book and how it was different than other information already out there. Here it is in case you missed it. Enjoy!

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Ok, I Am Pretty Stoked About This…

by GEOFFN June 9, 2010 Kettlebells

It’s not every day I get stoked about things, but I am pretty stoked about this: It’s my new book. (Obviously.) And the Iron Tamer, Dave Whitley, Master RKC, will actually be interviewing me about it tomorrow night – Thursday, June 10th, at 8pm EST. (Man, it’s going to be weird having the proverbial shoe […]

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