Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

March 2010

T-Spine Mobility? Who Needs It…??

by GEOFFN March 24, 2010 Movement

I don’t know if you saw this, but here’s a quick video for you on regaining your thoracic spine mobility. (Iron Tamer and I filmed it back in December when I was at his place. He’s coming to my place in April, so we’ll have some more videos for you…) What’s thoracic spine mobility good […]

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Pushing Your Vegetables Around The Plate…

by GEOFFN March 17, 2010 Philosophy

When I was a kid, I hated vegetables. They were ALWAYS the last thing I ate. Salad consumed last. With lots of milk. I always ate the most enjoyable stuff first, while it was warm and yummy. If the veggies got in the way, I just pushed them around the plate – you know – […]

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THIS Is Strength…

by GEOFFN March 11, 2010 Strength

I met this guy in 1995 at Lost Battalion Hall in Queens, NY at my first real weightlifting meet. He reminded me of a bear. In my mind at least, he was one of the greatest weightlifters of all time. Arguably the strongest Super-heavyweight pound-for-pound. This is Anatoly Pisarenko. In this clip he is Clean […]

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Aspiring To Greatness

by GEOFFN March 7, 2010 Strength

It’s 1:22am EST. What are you doing? I’m still up. I went upstairs to my room at 11:30pm. I can’t sleep. I spent the weekend at a conference. That’s right – I go to conferences on subjects that I want to learn more about – things that make me better at what I do. So […]

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The “Law” of Training Results, Part 3

by GEOFFN March 3, 2010 Philosophy

Everyone wants it now. Scratch that – we all want it yesterday. But that’s just not how things work. That’s just not the way nature is set up. When a farmer plants his seeds to grow a new crop, he doesn’t cover them over and expect that overnight, or instantly, that new crop will appear. […]

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