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More Ideas For Time Efficient Kettlebell Workouts (And A “New” Swing Style)

by GEOFFN on May 11

The great thing about having a newborn is that they are constantly, yet pleasantly, interrupting your life in some way shape or form.

Sunday, I was supposed to head over to the studio for a squat session.

It never happened.

So, I had to improvise.

I’ve got a pretty big goal in mind for the end of the year (more on that later) so I had to see what I had around the house that would help me train to that end.

So I grabbed a Beast and and ripped out some 2 Hand Swings.

And that brings me to a side-note –

A lot of people have a tough time finding their perfect Swing groove. I was solely focused on one thing – and this may help you out – and it makes a HUGE difference for me – is focusing on performing a vertical jump when Swinging.

I really push my hips back and let them load up. But here’s where I do something a little differently from others – when the kettlebell swings back under my legs, I let my center of mass drift into my whole foot - really loading up the balls of my feet – you know – the place where you sprint on - instead of digging my heels into the floor. Sure, I keep my heels down, but I don’t emphasize that.

(It goes without saying that you have to have really good ankle mobility to do this type of Swing.)

And then when the kettlebell reaches the apex of the backswing, I focus on standing up as hard and as fast as possible. And man – the kettlebell just EXPLODES out of the hole! It just floats right up to chin height and hangs there for a split second, before it descends for the next rep.

And that’s really how you should focus on your Swings – EXPLODE! up with them and get that sucker to pause – literally hang right there, virtually weightless, right in front of your chest. If your shoulder mobility/stability will allow it, even chin height. It’s a world of difference from the way most people swing.

When I get some time, I’ll post a video of this technique…

So, the whole kettlebell workout – cause that’s all I did – no Squats – just Swings – the whole thing took me 20 minutes. 150 x 2 Hand Swings in 20 minutes, really focusing on RIPPING that kettlebell up in the air.

You can and should implement this same type of kettlebell workout somewhere in your week. Not only is it good for conditioning, but it will build some power too. And, more importantly, you can get it done lickety-split with no messing or waiting around. Perfect for someone pinched for time.

Here’s how you’d break it down:

  • Heavy-ish Kettlebell
  • 2 Hand Swings
  • 10 reps per set
  • 10-20 sets
  • Rest as needed
  • No more than 20 minutes

Simple. Effective.

Give this type of workout a shot and mess around with this “new” variation of the Swing (using a lighter kettlebell to start) and let me know what you find out about yourself.

Gotta run.

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