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Kettlebell Workouts – The Forgotten Key to Success

by GEOFFN on February 17

When I was younger I used to train “all out” – “full throttle” – and all those other cliches. I thought that the harder I worked in each and every workout (which is what I called them then) the faster I would get the results I wanted.

And it worked – for a little while.

See, I was under the illusion, or delusion, that you had to train not only hard, but heavy every single workout, otherwise, it was a waste of time. It was almost a form of HIT brainwashing.

You may be training that way too, or have done so in the past.

It’s very common. In fact, I recently saw a comment on one of the Dragon Door forum about day 1 of Kettlebell Muscle being easy. The individual was worried about it.

It’s ok to have “light” and “easy” training sessions. In fact, not only is it ok, at this point in life, I’d argue that its downright necessary to have in order to continue to make the progress you want to make. And, on top of that, I would argue that you will see faster progress if you DON’T lift hard and heavy all the time.

The forgotten key to success with your kettlebell training, and strength training in general, is to wave your loads.

Mix up your training intensities or volumes or densities – however you’re currently measuring them – with heavy/hard and medium/moderate and light/easy training sessions.

In fact, I’d argue that the “average” joe only needs to go hard/heavy once per week, depending on the training schedule. Any more than that and recovery will start to suffer. (Twice a week is probably ok if you’re using an upper/lower split.)

Recovery, after all, is the determining factor in adaptation. Stimulation without recovery fails to produce adaptation.

So, take a look at your workouts/training. If you’re going hard/heavy all the time, you might just be a “thrill-seeker” instead of someone who’s serious about making results. Or you might be confused about how to best achieve the results you desire. Either is ok as long as you recognize where you are and who you are. If you want faster, longer lasting results (sounds like a commercial for something), remember to wave your loads.

Feel free to leave your comments, ideas, and experiences that you’ve had below.

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