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How To Develop More Power With Your Kettlebells, Part 2

by GEOFFN on January 31

Oil prices are up. That means gas prices are up. This of course means everyone will once again be talking about “energy independence” – which in many cases is a good thing and in others is just media driven hype to improve ratings and sell more of their advertisers products. (Hey, at least I’m not cynical…)

But isn’t there more to energy than gas in your car and oil to heat your house?

Of course there is.

Those are all EXTERNAL sources of energy.

But how quickly we forget about our own INTERNAL sources of energy.

If we just simply shifted our focus to an internal one, how much simpler our lives could be – or at least have the potential to be. Which brings me to today’s post.

In my last post, we talked about your Three Sources of Power. Last time we spoke about money.

Today, we’re going to cover source #2 –

Power Source #2 – Energy.

Where does your energy come from?

Without getting too metaphysical or theological – you have 3 sources of energy – spiritual (emotional), psychological (mental), and physical.

And the really cool thing is that kettlebell training, when done correctly, can improve all three pieces.

Stop and think about that for a second – isn’t one of those pieces one of the reasons why you first bought your kettlebells?

You wanted to feel better – maybe emotionally. You wanted that emotional release that comes from a good workout – you know the one I mean – it’s the weight training version of “runner’s high.” Or maybe you just wanted to look better with your clothes off (There he goes again with the “clothes off” thing – what is this guy – some kind of pervert…? No – just a realist.)

Or maybe you just wanted to be able to have a sharper mind – to get your focus back – and exercise was the way to do it. Maybe you chose the kettlebell because traditional forms of exercise were taking more from you mentally than they were giving back – you know – those traditional 12-15 circuit machine exercises. 12-15 exercises? Really…? Ugh…

Or maybe you needed to do something physically different because you, like that one guy at the gym I’ll never forget, who had bad knees and a bad back, was wrapping his knees and wearing a belt for his partial range of motion leg presses (true story) and knew you needed to finally change something.

Regardless, the kettlebell has become something – whether real or symbolic – that gives back to you rather than takes from you.

For me, the kettlebell allows me to work my body without harming it in most cases. It works with my body instead of against it, like the barbell has a tendency to do. This allows me to stay injury-free for much longer periods of time and when I do get back to the barbell, it’s much easier to handle and recover from. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING sucks the energy from my life like trying to train around an injury. Been there, done that, never want to do it again.

And that’s the beauty, in my opinion of kettlebell training - it amplifies your energy. All of itemotional, mental, and physical. Remember, we talked about money being one of your sources of power in my last blog post. Want more of it? (Yeah, like who doesn’t…?) Improving your daily energy levels is a surefire way to get more. You’ll have more energy to put forth into creating opportunity for yourself- more productivity – either in your job or in your business.

Why did you start kettlebell training – what was it EXACTLY that you hoped to get from it – energy-wise – and did it meet your expectations?

Maybe it started to – but it lost its luster and magic somewhere along the way.

Pause for a second – remember back to the hope you had when you first bought your kettlebell. What did it feel like at that moment? How did it feel when you first started using it? Do you still feel that way about it now?

Or are you stuck in a rut – maybe doing too much again, feeling kind of lost and frustrated with your lack of results and progress for the amount of effort your putting into your workouts. Because in theory, more kettlebells should equal more energy. But that’s just a theory. And theories don’t always match up with reality.

So how do you develop more energy with your kettlebell training?

Simple. Make sure that what you’re doing is matching your expected outcome and giving you the desired results. Not seeing the results you thought you would? Or maybe even opposite results – like getting injured – dinging your shoulder or tweaking your back? It’s time to re-evaluate what your doing. Pause and take a good hard look  at whether the energy you’re expending is really yielding back the energy you expect. You should be able to look back over your training sessions and know with absolute certainty that they are producing the desired result. If not, time for a change.

Either way, I’d love to hear your story. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Next time, we’ll look at your number one source of power.

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