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Results of Consistently Training With Kettlebell Exercises (cool video)

by GEOFFN on December 3

People often want to know what kind of results they’ll experience from incorporating kettlebell exercises into their workouts (or training programs as I like to call them).

Here’s a phenomenally cool video of my wife – after a week of the stomach flu – doing Pull-ups. But there’s a catch – which I’ll explain in a minute after a little background.

Now here’s the caveat – she was born an athlete.

I trained her in college and she was wicked strong and explosive as a Division 1 Volleyball player.

BUT, she took 10 years off from working out of almost any kind and didn’t start training consistently again until 2009 when she took it upon herself to train for (and pass) the RKC. (Which she did.)

Since mid-2009 until today, her workouts have routinely consisted of only bodyweight and kettlebell exercises.

Here’s the catch – you’ll have to watch the video below to see the catch – I think you’ll be surprised…

Cool, huh?

If that doesn’t inspire you to get out and set, chase, and achieve your physical goals, I’m not sure what will.

Please feel free to leave your comments and tell my wife how awesome she is!

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