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Important Announcement (Personal…)

by GEOFFN on November 11

I know I’ve been off the blog for a little while.

I had the 2.0 launch (thanks to all of you who grabbed your copy – hope you’re enjoying it) and then needed to take some down time because the launch coincided with two weekends of travel.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for your support over the last couple of years.

I have some big, important news I wanted to share with you. I’ve been sitting on it for awhile now.

Here it is:

I’m going to be a Dad!

Very cool to me!

The little one is due in April. We’ll find out on the 22nd if it’s a boy or a girl (if it cooperates).

So needless to say, I’m pretty psyched.

Of course, as those of you who are parents know, this will change everything.

I’m not quite ready for that yet, but fortunately, I’ve got a couple of months left… :-)

Anyway, I’ll be back to my regular blog posting next week.

Have a great weekend.

Talk then.


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