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Again?? A Quick Training Update…

by GEOFFN on September 2

Yup, I’m at it again.

I’m back training for Oly. (And hypertrophy…)

I have unfinished business. And business is good.

Right now, if I had to enter a meet tomorrow, I could easily Snatch 120kg and Jerk 150kg. (Easily Power Cleaned 130kg for a double. Nothing to write home about, but it’s been a couple of years. And it’s a start.)

I’m getting under the bar almost effortlessly for the first time in, well, maybe ever. This is how it’s meant to feel.

And my body’s holding up fine. Hips are great. Knees are great. Nothing’s holding me back.

Ok, maybe one thing – my leg strength is a little down. But it’s on it’s way back very quickly. And I just re-patterned my Back Squat yesterday. No popping in my left knee – a sure signal that my left hip was “online” and not shutting down.

Tomorrow is a heavy pulling day – lots of volume to pack on usable muscle to the ol’ upper back. Fun, fun, fun!

I fully expect to Snatch 140kg by Christmas, quite possibly even Jerk 180kg. At this pace, it will happen. Just gotta get it done in a meet.

More later…

Quick Training Tip: Here’s something Alfonso taught me back in ’97 (Wish I’d listened a little better…) Don’t let your speed decrease. When it does, you should switch exercises or stop your training session.

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