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How To Become Instantly Stronger, Part 2

by GEOFFN on July 21

In my last post on this subject, I threw out an important equation on how to become instantly stronger. Here it is again.

Instant Strength = SG + CV + FA + DE

Today, I wanted to take a close look at “CV.”

CV stands for Clear Vision.

At first, that seems kind of obvious, but upon closer inspection, it’s not.

In order to actually become stronger, you not only must have a Specific Goal, but you must, in your mind, see yourself actually achieving that goal.

Read that again.

You must actually see yourself achieving that goal.

Think about it for a second.

How can you achieve something you can’t see clearly?

How can you direct your mind, your focus, your attention and your energy toward something you cannot see?

However, most people don’t think that far ahead.

They stop at setting their specific goal. And they believe that’s enough.

It’s not.

They fail to take the next step – arguably one of the most important steps in the process.  They don’t make a mental image of actually achieving that goal. They don’t take the time to paint that image on the canvas of their minds. There’s no color, no depth, no emotion.

And that right there is the key – emotion.

You must tie that desire to become stronger with an emotion. How will you feel once you’ve achieved that goal? How will your life change once you’ve hit that 700lbs deadlift or those 250 reps on the SSST? No one else has to know, only you. When you can come up with something tangible, something so real you can feel it in your gut, you’re onto something – something BIG.

Here’s an example from my life.

I’ve always wanted to compete at the National Championships in Weightlifting. I qualified to go in 2000 but through being stupid, I failed to go. To say I was disappointed, would be an understatement. Inside, it felt like something died. I had trained so hard to get there and was ready to peak – to pull out a new total, but I never had a chance. I mourned that “loss” for weeks.

Ever since then – and here it is 10 years later – I still have a deep desire, a passion – maybe even an obsession – to get to the Nationals. No matter how hard I try to walk away from weightlifting, I feel the strong pull back – like there’s some unfinished business. No matter what obstacles stand in my way, I am determined to overcome them. I can see in my mind’s eye what it would look like, feel like to be there competing.

As a result, my training has a specific goal – currently it’s to put on as much functional muscle mass as possible – stopping at 240lbs and then re-evaluating. (By functional muscle mass, I mean muscle in all the “right” places for the sport of weightlifting.) How am I doing so far? I’m up 13lbs in the last 5 weeks.

I can see and feel both in my mind and in my body what it feels like to lift big weights, partially because I’ve lifted them before.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in his book, Psychocybernetics, details a process called the “Theatre of the Mind,” in which he recommends among other things, you envision the richness of the colors, textures, and emotions of achieving your goal, and then literally play it back in your head repeatedly like a movie.

I strongly recommend you pick up Dr. Maltz’s book and work through this process.

Now imagine how much stronger you will be in 30 days, or 3 months by pairing your Specific Goal with Clear Vision.

Can you see more of it yet? Is it becoming more of a reality?

It should be.

Don’t worry if it’s not. You may just need some FA, which we’ll be discussing next time.

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