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On That Thing You Call Your Stomach…

by GEOFFN on July 1

I think most of us are interested in our abs, right? Insomuch as we don’t want them hanging over our belts or dragging on the ground.

Bad A$$

Here are two articles that are must reads about your abs and how they affect not only how good you look nekkid, but more importantly (shocker!) how well you lift your kettlebell, barbell, or whatever.

The first is by my also good buddy, the “Redneck Ninja,” Jeff O’Connor, Master RKC (pictured above – just love that pic…) Jeff is one of those guys who rarely speaks. He just “does.” But when he does speak, WATCH OUT! Cause it’s 100% pure content!

It’s here. (Check out that picture – it just screams “Bad – A$$, doesn’t it?)

The second one is by my also good buddy, Brett Jones, Master RKC.

It’s here.

I’ve walked the road he’s talking about in that article… Make sure you don’t.


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