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Haven’t Felt This Good In…

by GEOFFN on May 7

Went to the Doc’s yesterday. Had to get some shots.

Blood pressure was 114/60. Lowest recorded that I know of. Previous best was 115/65 back in ’95…

Just got back from 4 days in Cabo at a friend’s place. That might have something to do with it.

The Doc asked me how I was doing and I responded “Great! Haven’t felt this good in about 6 years…” The last time I saw her was for my stomach problems about 18 months ago.

But it turns out I was wrong. It hasn’t been 6 years, it’s been about 10 years. Really.

Although nowhere near as strong or muscular as I was 10 years ago, I literally feel that good. Only better probably.

All my chronic aches and pains are completely gone. Knees. Back. Hips. Gone.

It’s a GREAT feeling!

I knew I would get here, but just didn’t know when.

And I haven’t done any Z. And it’s felt great.

Two weeks ago I got my lunge patterns and my squat pattern back.

I’d been working on those forever. Especially the lunges. I haven’t done a pain free lunge in, well, maybe ever (at least on the right side).

Tuesday night, I back squatted for the first time thru a full session since July/August. No pain. No popping. Just good alignment and coordination. And here’s the weird thing – It was my squat that I had before I turned 30 – probably the squat I had between ages 24-28, which sounds weird, but it has changed since then. It was nothing like the pattern I had last summer. Nothing. In fact, it was the opposite. (I think I see a mea culpa coming in the near future…)

My Clean is back. My Snatch is back. My DL is back. All my lifts – my former, efficient patterns seem to be back. And I can do some things I’ve never been able to do before. Like Breakdancing. Really. I can also now do strict hanging leg raises – the ones where you hang from a bar with straight knees and pointed toes, and touch the tops of your feet to the bar. It feels REALLY good.

Actually, that’s not quite the whole truth.

My Snatch actually feels better than it ever has. Ever. I’m not lifting as much weight as I have, but the symmetry of movement both during the pull and on the catch is symmetrical and square. No twisting or turning or dipping. Straight.

What have I been doing differently?

Well, first, I think it has been a lot of the FMS patterning work that I’ve been doing since November.

Plus Get Ups and their variations.

But it’s also been an idea born out of the FMS.

But I can’t reveal it right now. Maybe not ever.

I don’t want this to turn into another Z-thing – where I shout it from the rooftops and then 4 years later, I’m like – “Hey, where’d all my strength and muscle go and how come I can move all my joints really well independently but I no longer have any intermuscular coordination??”

So, I’ll keep “mum” on it for now, but needless to say it’s very exciting.

In the mean time, I can assure you that if you are a fitness professional or kettlebell user/instructor, you absolutely need to get familiar with the FMS/CK-FMS. You can do so by going through this DVD series as I have, and felt it was thoroughly worth my time (which, by the way, is more valuable to me than money at this point…)

What do you do that makes you feel great?

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