Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

Sometimes The Goofy Stuff Works

by GEOFFN on February 28

I’ve been very “non-Party” in my strength training methods lately.

I’ve been using reps in the 10-20 range for non-ballistic exercises.

In fact, I must confess, I even like them.

There, I said it.

But really, it’s not the exercise or the rep range – it’s the outcome, or the result.

I’ve struggled to keep myself together over the last year or so – literally, not figuratively. I’ve felt like I was coming apart all over – the middle, my hips, my shoulders. And I’ve been implementing some very old school stuff I used to use with my athletes at Rutgers 10+ years ago.

I’ve given back in to the idea, wait, the necessity of core stability and core strength. And it’s very immediate and necessary effects on your ability to lift heavy stuff from the floor to over your head. And how your body will shut down, shut off, shut up – I’ve heard this all before - if you try to force the weight to go up, down or wherever.

So, although it may appear goofy, I’m doing things that I haven’t done in 10+ years.

  • “Lower” ab raises – old-school bodybuilder style
  • Calf raises, ballet-style
  • Higher reps strength work

And I know this stuff is working. Yesterday, I tossed around the 24kg for sets of 10 on the snatch.

It felt like a 12kg.

And I think these concepts are worth investigating for all of us – challenging our belief systems, which sometimes limit us. They limit our progress, our opportunities, our vision, our hope, and of course our results.

What goofy stuff are you willing to try to break your limitations?

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