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The Best $3.84 You’ll Ever Spend

by GEOFFN on April 2

A lot of trainers and trainees are into the GymBoss and that’s cool. They work very well. But me–I’m Old School. I go with the wall clock with a second hand.

Like this one:


OK, admittedly, this is even fancier than mine. Mine has a black plastic shell and it’s just black and white. It was the cheapest one in Target.

What are the benefits of using a Wall Clock over the GymBoss?

Glad you asked.

  1. You can see the seconds tick by in relation to the time. Now granted, I’ve barely ever used the GB, and it has it’s fans, but I don’t think it has this feature.
  2. You can literally watch the seconds tick by in anticipation for your next set. I find this deeply more motivating than watching the actual numbers. Don’t ask me why…
  3. It’s just plain “frills-free.” The GB is just too fancy for my taste. Sure, it’s convenient and you can carry it anywhere. But, hey, who trains just anywhere? Your training hall should be like a shrine–a place of reverence, where only the devoted tread–but I digress–that’s for another post at another time.

Not only that, it hearkens me back to when training was simpler. Harder. Tougher. Sweatier. Bloodier. I never trained in any “nice” places, except in college on breaks, and I hated them. The college weight room was a dump, until they renovated the place–then it sucked; my first weightlifting coach had almost all 2nd and 3rd hand equipment with some homemade extras, and Alfonso’s place was a hard-core bodybuilding gym in West New York, NJ with old-school equipment and a “platform” in the basement. So, the wall clock reminds me of those places. This is important because I am trying to get back to those strength levels, so I need to mentally chunk those reminders.

Being strong feels great.

Wall clocks are a throwback to those days of strength.

Plus time waits for no man so it’s a visual reminder to get on the stick.

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