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Program Minimum Update: Days 6-9

by GEOFFN on December 11

So, I ended up bailing on my training session for Sunday night. Got done with the seminar at 930pm and just wanted to eat and crash. So I did. Another big NY Strip and twice-baked potatoes. Honestly, kettlebell training was the furthest thing from my mind.

Monday, 12.7.09

Focused in on the Get Up and it’s variations.

A. Tall Kneeling Press, 24kg/10,10, 32kg/10,10

B. Half Kneeling Press, 24kg/10,10

C. Get Up Sit Ups, 24/5,5 (can’t remember if I did more – seems to me the 32kg was out…)

D. Lunges, bodyweight/10,10, 12kg, overhead postion/10,10, 2 sets

E. Get Up, 16kg/1,1, 24kg/1,1 – Success! Felt great! Especially being “back” to the 24kg.

F. 2 H Swings, 32kg/10, 20

Tuesday, 12.8.09

Swing Emphasis.

A. Get Up: 16kg/1,1

B. Swing Series, 10 reps on the minute, every minute,

32kg/10, 40kg/10, 48kg/10

5 rounds. 15 minutes total.

These kicked my butt. Literally. Gluts super-sore the last 2 days. Hamstrings not as worked as they should be. May have to stretch quads between sets. (Did I really just say I’d have to stretch? Really? I thought I swore I’d never stretch again… Oh well – Never say never… I’ll test drive the idea and report back.)

Wednesday 12.9.09 – Off

Thoughts so far:

  • The “Program Minimum” is far from “minimum.” There’s a lot to be gained from just GUs and Swings. Yes you can argue that I’m pressing, but this is really just part of back rehab…
  • GUs really teach you body awareness, a kind that reminds me of wrestling. A very good kind. They are very underrated and especially by me, but that wasn’t because I didn’t like them per se, rather, just that I couldn’t do them [well] because of the hip(s).
  • Swings are just good ol’ fashioned foundation work/basic skill training. How can you go wrong here? Still a ton to be learned about how your body moves / doesn’t move. When performed correctly there truly is not a muscle in your body that has not worked.
  • I’m really looking forward to where I’m going to be come January 1 from doing this program. I suspect that my bar work will be much “tighter.” I suspect I’ll notice a slight dip in strength levels, but maybe not. I felt like the Swing session Tuesday night was very beneficial and taxing to my body.
  • My thoughts after Monday’s session were of the Kalos Sthenos. Everybody, I mean everybody should be doing this for at least one month out of twelve. There really is a TON to be learned about yourself in the Get Up. Oh wait, I think I already said that. Must need emphasizing…

Those are all my thoughts for now.

Getting ready to talk to Charles Staley for Kettlebell Interrogations. Will definitely be a great call – He’s a “program design master” for sure.

Afterward, I will hit tonight’s session – Get Up based again.

Flying to Nashville tomorrow night to spend the weekend with David Whitley, Sr RKC, where he promises me he’ll put some hurt on my Get Up. Sounds like fun…

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