Strength: noun. the ability to overcome.

Program Minimum Day 5: Steak.

by GEOFFN on December 6

I came up early from my seminar last night and started writing almost immediately.

Before I knew it, three hours had passed.

I kept going.

Then another hour passed.

I finally ate dinner at about 10:30pm.

I guess I really like writing.

Anyway, I had a nice big (and overly-priced by about $10) NY Strip. Always like those. One of my favorite cuts. Also had asparagus and twice-baked potatoes. Very nice!

I probably should’ve trained because I have been doing so much sitting and my hips and knees are getting a little sore. A workout would do them some good.

I will however be tossing around the kettlebells tonight.

I will most likely do some more half Get Ups and then hit some hard Swings for about 20 minutes or so.

I need to hit it hard and early because I’m getting up early to drive back home tomorrow. Six more hours of sitting. Fun!

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