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Is The “Program Minimum” Really A “Minimum” Program?

by GEOFFN on December 1

I’m about to find out.

I decided that I’ve got to shore up my foundation and my framework. This conclusion after spending about 12 days doing “rehab” work for a 7-year old back injury that I thought was fixed.

For those that don’t know what the “Program Minimum” is, it’s essentially Swings and Get Ups. Sounds boring, I know. (You can and should read the details in Enter the Kettlebell if you haven’t already plus it’ll make a good Christmas present…)

But, I’ve seen way too much evidence (yes, anecdotal not “scientific”) to suggest that I’m not making a mistake – from “unfrozen” shoulders to happy backs and hips and literally everywhere in between. Interestingly enough, those are all the areas I’m looking to fortify – lower back, hips, shoulders and everywhere in between.

So worst case scenario is that I waste 30 days and get “weaker.” Best case scenario is that I end up moving really, really well under load again, strip off some body fat, and push  my GPP up so that once I get under the bar again I can recover much more quickly.

Today is December 1st. I am traveling A LOT in December so this program is very convenient (KBs fit in cars and hotel rooms – barbells don’t). The timing actually couldn’t be better, especially with the holidays coming up.

My goal is to post my daily workout schedule.

I intend to train 5-6 days per week, using various size kettlebells for my training sessions, depending on how I feel. I’ll either train in my studio or at home, depending on my schedule. Along with the Program Minimum, I’ll be doing variations of the Get Up and Swing. So that means I’ll be keeping some of the tall kneeling and half-kneeling work Brett gave me. I’ll also be doing some “Bottoms Up” work. And finally, I’ll be allotting no more than 45 minutes for each training session.

If you are at a loss of what to do for the holidays as far as workouts go or find yourself pinched for time due to parties, kids out of school, etc, why don’t you plan on joining me?

I’ll be posting my workouts right here so you can check back. You can even stop in and comment on them and tell me what you did for that day – accountability is a very powerful tool to keep you motivated.

I not only look forward to my results on Jan 1st, but also to the “ninja” knowledge I acquire in the process.

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