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The Kettlebell Snatch – Protecting Your Elbows And Biceps From Injury

by GEOFFN on May 22

The Kettlebell Snatch.

The only thing that jacks people’s elbows up more is the kettlebell clean.

Here’s a quick video of a technique, called, The Elephant’s Trunk Snatch.

Yeah, I know, pretty goofy name. I don’t know what else to call it. I didn’t come up with it, I just named it.

Anyway, watch the video and try this version out to see if it works better for you than what you’re doing now.


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It also includes and 89-page book with the common mistakes most people make and how you should fix them.

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Almost forgot – this is the fourth part of a 4-part video series. If you missed any of the other videos, here they are below:

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Kettlebell Exercises – Avoiding Injuries On The Kettlebell Clean

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