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Training Update – Mixing Barbell and Kettlebells…

by GEOFFN on October 21

Well I realized I haven’t been talking much about my training.

Here I am saying “you should do double kettlebells” and “the double kettlebell whatever rocks” and all that. For all the world knows, I could be like that guy I saw on the internet the other day pontificating about changing the first pull of the Olympic lifts, yet the guy looked like he couldn’t snatch his bodyweight. (If you’re going to claim to know anything – anything about Olympic lifting, in my book you should at least be able to snatch your body weight… Anyway, I digress…)

So, I’ve been mixing up bar work both slow and fast with both single and double kettlebell work.

Here’s what yesterday’s session looked like (as embarrassingly light as these weights are…):

A. R-Phase, 20 minutes with clients

B. Top Secret Prep Work – for 15 minutes

C. Wide Grip Push Press Behind the Neck: 60kg/5, 80kg/5, 90/5, 100/5 – these felt awkward – hips work fine with double KBs, but not so well under a bar…

D. Military Press: 60kg/5, 67.5kg/5, 75/8

E. Double KB C&J: 2x32kg for Rep Max: 20. This was harder than I expected and my left arm/hand started to give on 19 & 20. My heart and lungs felt like they were going to explode out of my chest and my upper and middle back felt like somebody repeatedly hit me with a baseball bat!

It sure felt cool though. According to RTK, I am two reps away from a heavier bell size though… Ah well, something to strive for…

On a related note, keep an eye out tomorrow for something else to strive for as I have a special announcement…

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