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Weird 100 Year Old Exercise Routine That Might Actually “Work”

by GEOFFN on July 10

Yeah, there’s some “old-school” exercises in here and even some ones that would probably drive modern PTs and “movement specialists” crazy. But that’s not the point at all.

The point is really this – Imagine how good you’d feel if you committed to doing SOMETHING just 15 minutes a day, like Muller’s workout. You could look at least as “good” as the guy in the video.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to be 15 minutes per day – you could do even 20 minutes every other day. The point is to make it routine.

Imagine, with just a dash of commitment, a little time, and a hint of some clean eatin’, I’m betting you could get the body you’ve always wanted – or get at least close.

Speaking of 20 minute workouts you can do 3 times per week, here’s a link where you can get over 49 different KB programs – over 6 years of kettlebell workout routines – and most of them can be done in only an hour per week. Click Here To Get Your Workouts.

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